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UnderwaterAsia Contributors

UnderwaterAsia.info would not be possible without the passion, dedication & generosity of the following people...
Tara Noble-Singh Tara Noble-Singh

... is a passionate diver and award-winning underwater photographer who has recently featured in National Geographic. Raised in Scotland & India, it is Asia that has become her spiritual home and a place of endless fascination. Her passion for marine life has led to an in depth knowledge of the sea and a superb portfolio of underwater images.

Click here to visit Tara's own website.
Phil North

... is a traveller, free-spirit, underwater videographer & award-winning photographer. Phil became hooked by the underwater world relatively late in life when a love of travel and nature led him beneath the waves. He has made up for lost time by writing about, photographing and filming much of what he has encountered on his underwater adventures.
Phil North
Paul Rusher

... is a an underwater photographer and a lover of all things macro. He can often be found with his head lost in a hole, seeking a new, exciting and other-worldy critter to photograph. When not diving, Paul is also an accomplished photographer on land, with a fascination for rare birds & insects and a passion for nature.
Ayesha Cantrell

... is a technical dive instructor and published underwater photographer based in Ko Tao, Thailand. A true explorer and lover of adventure, Ayesha regularly seeks out new and exciting places to dive, from mysterious shipwrecks to drowned forests & villages.

Click here to visit Ayesha's website.
Ayesha Cantrell

If you are passionate & knownledgeable about Asia's underwater world and would like to become a contributor, the contact UnderwaterAsia with a sample feature, a link to some of your images or example of your work.
  Batfish Pygmy Seahorse Seahorse Moray Eel
Asia Dive Guide         
Dive Guide
Our comprehensive Dive Guide makes choosing your next dive destination that little bit easier, with detailed information on every good dive destination in Asia, country profiles, interactive maps, the different types of diving available, what to see, when to go & vital travel & safety information as well.

Reef Spotter
Reef Spotter

In Reef Spotter, you can find fascinating fish facts and info on a whole host of marine creatures & reef inhabitants. You can even find out exactly what to see and where to go every month across South-east Asia with our indespensible Marine Life Calendar. If you want to identify a fish you have seen, or simply love to know about marine life, the you'll love Reef Spotter...


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