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Komodo & Rinca

Dive Map Komodo & Rinca GPS PointGallery RockTatawa Besar & KecilSmall MakasarTata IslandKode
Komodo & Rinca National Park, nestled between the islands of Sumbawa & Flores, is the home of the legendary Komodo Dragon - the world's largest lizard and a relic from a by-gone age.

Beneath the waves is some of the best, most exciting diving in the world. These current swept islands are home to a huge amount of diversity, a profusion of marine life and no shortage of pelagic action, with numerous species of Sharks and huge schools of Manta Rays.

The area is visited by dive centres in Flores, plus Liveaboards from Bali to the west.

Cuttlefish Barracuda Manta Ray Ribbon Eel Dive Map Komodo & Rinca
Dive Spots IconDive Spots
Soft Corals Banta Island in the north-west offers a variety of truly outstanding dives. If you want to see Sharks, this is a great place to come. It is not always possible to dive some of the sites due to the fierce currents, but a dive at GPS Point, Gallery Rock or Tajung Rasa will surely put a smile on the face of any Shark lover.

Star Wars & Toro Oi offer different diving, with a profusion of smaller reef-fish and fascinating critters such as Sea Apples & Pygmy Seahorses. Also in the north of Komodo, Tatawa Besar & Kecil are very popular drift dives, bringing the chance to see huge Napoleon Wrasse, Green Turtles and Reef Sharks.

At the southerly end of Komodo lies Tata Island. Here, from Setpember through to March, large aggregations of Manta Rays come to feed on the plankton rich waters and many other pelagics can be seen as well. For really experienced divers, Langkoi Rock attracts many different Sharks, including Hammerheads and Bronze Whalers. It is reportedly a breeding area for Grey Reef Sharks.

Small Makasar, a sandy plateau to the east of Komodo Island is another great spot to find large schools of Manta Rays. Dugongs have occasionally been seen here too.

At the southern end of Rinca Island, aubundant soft corals and unusual critters are the order of the day. Coleman’s Shrimps, numerous Nudibranches, Pygmy Seahorses, Sea Apples and a myriad of other rare creatures can be found here.

The diving around Komodo & Rinca is generally split into northern sites and southern sites. The area is a meeting point of temperate waters to the south and tropical waters to the north, meaning warm, clear tropical waters on the northern sites and cooler, plankton rich waters to the south.

All but the most protected sites can receive very strong currents and are only suitable for more experienced divers.

  Shark Lionfish Ghost Pipefish Jacks
Dive Bases Icon Dive Bases Manta Ray
The closest dive base to Komodo & Rinca National Park is the town of Labuanbajo on Flores to the east.

The area is also visited by Liveaboards from Bali. Trips usually last a week to 10 days, taking in a few dive sites in Sumbawa as well as those oaround Komodo & Rinca.
  • Labuanbajo
  • Southern Bali

Dive Map LabuanbajoDirectory Find Dive Centres in Labuanbajo

Labuanbajo is a sleepy fishing town in the west of Flores. It is the main base for trips to Komodo & Rinca National Park.

Dive Phuket  Dive
There are a handful of dive operators in the town offering day trips, dive courses and mini dive safaris to Komodo's many dive sites.

Day trips are made to the northern dive sites. To reach the southern sites, an overnight trip is usually required. There are also sites closer to Labuanbajo with less current that are suitable for less experienced divers and courses.

Stay Phuket  Stay
There are a few places to stay in Labuanbajo, mostly fairly simple hotel rooms and bungalows. There are no luxury options at present. There are also a few restaurants providing simple but good food.

Travel Phuket  Travel
It is possible to fly to Labuanbajo from Bali to the west and Maumere to the east. Ferries also take tourists on cruises from Bali & Lombok that stop in Labuanbajo. Those really on a budget can island hop by land and ferry from Bali to Flores, but this takes a long time and a lot of patience.

Do Phuket  Do
Apart from the diving, the main activity is a visit to Komodo or Rinca to see the legendary Komodo Dragons. There are also a couple of idyllic islands nearby with nice beaches and basic accommodation where divers can relax and recuperate after a few days diving.

Map PhuketDirectory Find Dive Centres in Southern Bali

The south of Bali is the heart of it's tourism industry, with thousands of visitors each year, especially to Kuta and the surrounding area.

Dive Phuket  Dive
There are quite a few dive centres and the dive industry here is well established. Day trips are usually made to Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan. It is also possible to arrange trips to other areas in Bali, especially trips to Tulamben. Due to the travel times however, some people prefer to make an overnight trip or longer.

Southern Bali is also the departure point for Liveaboards making trips to Komodo National Park to the east, as well as the pick-up point for visiting Wakatobi by Liveaboard.

There are now quite a few well-established Liveaboard operators making trips to Komodo & Rinca. Trips run throuhgout the year & usually last for around 7-10 days, taking in Lombok & Sumbawa in addition to the sites of Komodo, before returning to Bali.

Stay Phuket  Stay
There is a huge range of accommodation available in this area, from top-end luxury hotels to simple guest houses. Kuta is the main tourist hub of the area, with the biggest range of accommodation and the most amenities. Nusa Dua and Sanur are a little quieter and a little more upmarket.

Travel Phuket  Travel
The area has its own international airport in Denpasar, the capital, with flights all over Asia plus Australia & Europe. From the airport, a bus or taxi can take you to any of the well-toursited areas. Antiquated ferries run between all of Indonesia's major islands, including Lombok directly to the east of Bali and Java to the west.

Do Phuket  Do
Aside from diving, there is a huge amount to do here. Activities include great shopping, amusement parks, surfing, all sorts of adventure sports and plenty of other attractions. There are some very nice beaches in the area, especially to the south and Kuta is known for its lively nightlife.

Maumere is a beautiful bay on the north coast of Flores. Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Dolphins & Whalesharks cruise the bay, regular encounters with Sharks & large Rays are possible and there is a wealth of macro life to keep any diver fascinated for hours...

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Every diver has had experience dealing with currents - in some way they affect every single dive we make. Sometimes they are in our favour, providing a delightful drift dive. Other times, they turn against us, making a dive difficult & strenuous...


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