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Tioman & Aur

Dive Map Tioman & Aur PinangDayang & LangSoyakMagician's RockLabas & TulaiTiger Reef

Around 40km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, not far from Singapore is the picturesque island of Tioman.

A popular holiday resort for Malaysians & Singaporeans, the steep-sided jungle clad slopes of the island rise straight out the water and smaller islets dot the coastline, making for a spectacular tropical dive spot.

A little to the south is the tiny island of Aur, which while difficult to reach, has good diving.

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Lionfish Underwater, Tioman's best sites are off the north-west coast. The islets of Labas & Tulai offer good diving, with plenty of soft coral & the chance to see Nurse Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, & Turtles.

Tiger Reef is a submerged pinnacle that is only suitable for more experienced divers, who are rewarded with stunning soft corals, healthy reef-life and a good chance of big fish encounters.

Closer to Tioman, Labas Island has many swim-throughs and makes for an interesting, enjoyable dive, while Soyak has a small wreck that is home to Lionfish & Banded Sea-Kraits, plus a nice fringing reef.

Large Turtles, Giant Morays, Bumphead Parrotfish & Cuttlefish are frequently seen around Tioman’s dive sites. Blacktip Reef Sharks & Nurse Sharks are seen too, with Whale Sharks making very occasional appearances. The best spot for big fish encounters is Magician’s Rock to the north - although the site can only be dived in perfect conditions.

To the south, Palau Aur is another popular dive spot. It normally has better visibility & healthier reefs than Tioman as it is a little further from the mainland, but is more difficult to reach. There is accommodation here, but currently no dive resort.

There is good diving off the south coast of Aur around Pulau Pinang, where Stingrays, Batfish, Napoleon Wrasse & large Groupers can be seen. A little south, three deep pinnacles have Barracuda, Napoeon Wrasse, schools of Snapper & Fusliers & Whitetip sightings.

Dayang & Lang to the north probably have Aur's best diving. At Raynor's Rock, a family of Bumphead Parrotfish munch their way noisily around the reef, while Captain's Point is a great drift-dive with plenty of big fish encounters. Healthy populations of reef-life call this area home and there is a pretty good chance to see Eagle Rays, Manta Rays or Whale Sharks - especially between October & November. Very occasionally, there are reports of Scalloped Hammerheads.

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Most people who wish to dive the area base themselves in Tioman, although it may be possible to arrange trips from the mainland if you are short on time.

For those wishing to visit Aur, 2 or 3 day trips are sometimes made by dive centres in Singapore, or it may be possible to arrange a trip with one of Tioman's dive centres.
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Dive Map Tioman & AurDirectory Find Dive Centres in Tioman

Pulau Tioman is a beautiful, mountainous island off the east coast of Malaysia. It was the setting for the 1970's cult movie, South Pacific.

Dive Phuket  Dive
There are quite a few dive centres on the island, generally on the west coast, where most of the beaches are. They run daily trips to all the local dive sites.

Stay Phuket  Stay
There is a wide range of accommodation on the island. The beaches to the north of the island tend to cater for budget travellers, while to the south, mid and high range resorts can be found. Some of the more exclusive resorts are a little difficult to reach, so it is best to book in advance.

Travel Phuket  Travel
Tioman can be reached by ferry from Mersing on the mainland. There are regular trips in the high season, between April & October, but a very limited service outside these months. It's also possible to fly to the island by small plane from both Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.

Do Phuket  Do
Away from the reefs, day trips & snorkelling to nearby islands are popular, including trips to the beautiful Joara beach on the other side of the island. For the more ambitious, it is possible to arrange jungle trekking and rock climbing. Nightlife on the island tends to be limited to a few restaurants.

Dive Map SingaporeDirectory Find Dive Centres in Singapore

Singapore is a city state at the southern tip of Peninsular Malasya. It is a rich, bustling city & the world's busiest port. While there is not really any diving around Singapore itself, trips are made from here to Tioman & Aur and sometimes on Liveaboards further afield.

Dive Phuket  Dive
Singapore tends to have dive clubs rather than dive centres. They arrange trips to Tioman & Aur, plus other dive spots in Malaysia. It is also possible to arrange Liveaboards trips from Singapore to Peninsular Malaysia's best dive spots.

Stay Phuket  Stay
As a big city, Singapore has the full range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxury hotels. For budget travellers, the cost of accommodation in Singapore may seem expensive compared to other countries.

Travel Phuket  Travel
Singapore has a world-class international airport with connections all over Asia and beyond. It can also be reached by bus from Malaysia to the north.

Do Phuket  Do
Singapore is a shopping mecca, especially for electronics. It also has great restaurants, casinos, a large aquarium, botanical gardens & a night zoo to explore. For underwater photographers, it one of the best places in the world to shop for housings & equipment.

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