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The Tufi region of PNG is without doubt one of its most beautiful. Situated on the northern coast of the mainland, the area has numerous stunning fjords, stretching like huge fingers from the mainland to the sea.

The calm waters of the fjords are home to incredible macro life, and also some wrecks, while many outward facing sites have world class reefs and a wide array of large pelagics to admire.

Added into the bargain, the excellent visibility - averaging around 30m - means that Tufi really does have it all.

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Nudibranch Right in front of the area's only resort, the wharf is a great muck-dive. As with many parts of Papua New Guinea, the area was a military base during the war. Under the wharf, war relics and junk are now home to an impressive array of unusual marine life. Nudibranch’s abound, as do Ghost Pipefish. Numerous other species of Pipefish are found here too, along with Frogfish & Mandarinfish and many more critters.

Go deeper and you will find two American PT Cruisers complete with live torpedoes and anti-aifcraft guns. The boats were stationed here during the war, but were sunk in a raid in 1942. There is also a curious wreck of a Land Rover, sitting as if carefully ‘parked’ at the bottom of the sea. These wrecks lie in over 40m of water and can only be explored as a decompression dive by experienced divers.

Outside of the fjord, Cyclone Reef is a great site. Here, a coral pinnacle rises from around 600m to within 5m of the surface attracting a profusion of marine life. Schools of fish hang off the reef, while numerous Sharks patrol the depths, including Grey Reef Sharks & sometimes Hammerheads. Shallower, Turtles are often seen and the beautiful corals of the reef itself hide many wonders, including the rare Weedy Scorpionfish.

Mulloway Reef is another big fish dive. This site has more than its fair share of Hammerhead sightings, plus many other sharks, huge schools of Barracuda, Tuna, Trevally, Eagle Rays & Manta Rays. The currents can be strong, but as visibility is so good, the best way to enjoy the site is often to simply hang on and watch the show.

Black Rock to the south is another great dive, with less currents than Mulloway Reef but still no shortage of pelagic action. Closer to the resort, a distinct, very friendly Manta Ray often can be found at Bev’s Reef. She also visits Marion’s Reef nearby. Both sites are lovely, easy dives with something for everyone.

On occasion, groups of experienced divers can arrange trips to the S'Jacob & Black Jack, two superb but deep WWII wrecks. The area also has many other great dive sites and almost certainly many more that have not yet even been discovered.

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Unlike all of Papua New Guinea's other diving areas, Tufi does not have any Liveaboard diving.

It is a year-round dive destination, with the very best months considered to be between November & April.
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Dive Map TufiDirectory Find Dive Centres & Resorts in Tufi

There can be few more unspoilt and breath-takingly beautiful areas than Tufi, in PNG's fjiordland. The area is remote, pristine and a joy to visit.

Dive Phuket  Dive
The area's only dive resort is Tufi Dive Resort, in a lovely setting over-looking one of the area's many fjiords. They make daily trips to local dive sites.

Travel Phuket  Travel
The area can be reached by plane from Port Moresby, about an hour away. There are flights about 3 times per week.

Stay Phuket  Stay
The resort, which is built in the traditional style, has 24 well appointed & comfortable rooms for guests to stay in. Due to the remote location, a stay here should be booked in advance.

Do Phuket  Do
Most activities aside from diving revolve around the area's natural beauty, including kayaking, trekking & snorkelling. Visits can also be arranged to local villages to absorb yourself in local culture.

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