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Dive Map Davao Pindawon Wall AundanaoLigid Caves Mushroom Rock Marissa 1,2&3 Malipano De La Paz Corner Coral Garden Dapia Reef Masud Wall

On Mindanao, the Philippines' most southerly island, the Davao Gulf gazes out towards the Celebes Sea.

This lush region of the country, which is famous for its tropical fruits, is home to Mount Apo - the Philippines' tallest mountain at over 3000m, the endangered Philippine Eagle and the beautiful beaches of Samal Island.

Beyond the beaches, there is also excellent scuba-diving around Davao, with a good variety of dive sites and some unusual critters to discover.

Lionfish Nudi Schooling Jacks Hawksbill Turtle Dive Map Davao
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Underwater Cave Most of the diving around Davao is concentrated on a group of islands to the east of Davao City. The largest and most famous of these islands is Samal Island, with its powder white sand beaches. Off the northern coast of Samal Island are two smaller islands known as Ligid Island and Small Ligid Island, while off the south-western tip is the island of Talikud.

Starting in the north, Ligid Island is blessed with one of the region's most popular and iconic dives. Ligid Caves is a colourful site with a vibrant reef dropping down to two limestone caves.

Inside the caves, reef fish shelter and smaller inabitants such as Nudibranches and Sponge Crabs can be found. One of the caves has an interesting passageway that splits three ways, providing three entry and exit points for divers. Out on the reef, clouds of colourful smaller fish flit in and out of the wall, while occasionally something larger cruises by in the blue. Also on Ligid Isand, Pinnacle Point provides some adventurous diving for more experienced divers. The island is also worth a visit at night, when hundreds of Golden Sea Cucumbers come to life, providing a spectacular show.

There is no shortage of good dive sites on the larger Samal Island too. Aundanao Marine Sanctuary and Pindawon Wall are spectacular sites, with large gorgonians, healthy reef-life and regualr turtle encounters. Further south, Mushroom Rock is a very popular site. Named after its unusual shape, the site is characterised by steep walls adorned in soft corals and is one of the best sites in the area to encounter larger marine life, incuding occasional appearances by Dolphins.

On Samal's west coast, Marissa 1,2 and 3 are three sites with good, easy diving amoug colourful corals and reef-fish. The sites are close to a Pearl Farm and are named after the Pearl Farmer's daughter.

Just off from the main island, a small group of islets known as Malipano hide a couple of Japanese WWII wrecks which make for an interesting dive for wreck enthusiasts, plus Bing's Wall - another good spot for rare and unusual critters.

A short distance to the south, De La Paz corner is a small offshore reef that makes for another excellent night-dive. Th site has many nooks and crannies that hide unusual smaller marine life, including many interesting Nudibranches.

More excellent diving can be found on Talikud Island, just off Samal Island's south-west coast. Masud Wall and Talisay Wall drop down to around 45m and are blessed with stunning soft corals teeming with marine life, including some more unusual species such as Seahorses and Ghost Pipefish. Dapia Reef, just along the coast is deeper still and is a good spot to look for larger marine life, including schools of Barracuda and Tuna. On the island's west coast is a shallow site known both as Coral Garden, which is an excellent spot for beginner's and photographers.

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The protected nature of the Davao Gulf means that this region can be dived all year round and is protected from the wrath of seasonal typhoons by the surrounding range of mountains.

March through to June provide the most consistenly good conditions for scuba diving.

  • Davao City

Dive Map DavaoDirectory Find Dive Centres & Resorts in Davao

Davao City is the Philippines' third largest city and the only base from which to dive the sites of the Davao Gulf. The city is modern, vibrant and culturally interesting, with strong Japanese influences.

Dive Phuket  Dive
Davao is home to a few dive shops, offering not only diving, but many other watersports as well. Diving is usually done as day trips, with most of the dive sites between 30 minutes and two hours from the city. Night dives are also a popular activity.

Travel Phuket  Travel
Davao City has its own airport, with numerous daily flights to major domestic destinations accross the country, including Manila and Cebu. Silk Air also offer direct flights from Singapore to Davao. The city can also be reached by ferry, but this option is significantly more time-consuming.

Stay Phuket  Stay
Davao City has a multitude of accommodation options catering for every taste and budget, with many luxury hotels to choose from, but also numerous smaller hotels and guesthouses providing for mid-range and budget conscious visitors.

Do Phuket  Do
The region has no shortage of activities to keep visitors occupied. Within the city itself, there are excellent restaurants and night life options, while Davao Musem gives an insight into the cultural history of this diverse region. Watersports are very popular, including wind-surfing, jet-skiing and white-water rafting. Eden Nature Park and Malagos Gardens lie at the foot of the imposing Mount Apo, with lush gardens, stunning views, organic food and the chance to see the endangered Phlippine Eagle.

Batangas Bay         
Batangas Bay is in southern Luzon, the Philippines largest & most populous island. It is considered to be the birthplace of Philippine Scuba-diving and is a popular spot with beginners & photographers...

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