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The volcanic, heart-shaped island of Marinduque sits in the Tablas Strait, between Luzon to the north & Mindoro to the south.

The region is thought to have outstanding diving, although the dive industry here is truly in its infancy.

Those that have visited the area return with tales of beautiful reefs, Hammerheads Sharks, Dolphins and Pirate Shipwrecks.

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Dive Spots IconDive Spots

Gorgonian Seafan Off the north-western tip of Marinduque is Natanco. The wall diving here is fabulous, with impressive corals and prolific marine life. Nearby, a Japanese WWII torpedo boat rests in 40m of water & can be dived.

To the south, just off the coast of Gasan, you find the Trey Reyes Islands, or ‘Three Kings’. The most westerly of the three islands, Balthazar, has the best diving. Here you will find a wall with lovely Gorgonians & plenty of pelagic action, including the occasional sighting of Hammerhead Sharks. There is also an interesting cave here which can be dived, where you can find plenty of Stonefish.

Between Gaspar & Melchor Islands - the other two ‘kings’ - there is the wreck of a Chinese Junk lying in 40m of water. The junk is believed to have belonged to a notorious Chinese pirate called Limahong.

A little to the east is Elephante Island is another great drift dive along a precipitous wall with beautiful corals. Further round the coast is Torrijos, where a series of ridges & canyons are home to large schools of Snapper & Barracuda.

To the south of Marinduque are three more islands with good diving - Maestro de Campo, Dos Hermanos & Banton Island. Maestro de Campo is all about wrecks. There are reportedly two Japanese WWII wrecks and a few Japanese war-planes, plus the wreck of a ferry that sunk in the 1980’s that is dived by local dive centres. Dos Hermanos has an interesting topography with numerous cracks & crevices hiding all sorts of life. Banton Island is the pick of these southern islands. The island's inhabitants do not actively participate in much fishing and as a result, marine life is superb - with abundant reef-life, plus Turtles, Sharks, Rays & even occasional Dolphins.

East of here lies the Subuyan Sea. Only a few intrepid divers have ever made it this far, but the reports suggest that the Subuyan Sea is a world-renowned dive spot just waiting to happen.

The dive season here runs from February to May, Outside these months, conditions are often too rough to reach the best sites.

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This region can either be dived as a day trip from Marinduque, or alternatively by dive safari from a number of dive centres in Puerto Galera.

Trips from Puerto Galera may need to be arranged in advance with the dive centre.
  • Marinduque
  • Puerto Galera

Dive Map MarinduqueMarinduque is a pleasant, sleepy part of the country, known for its nice beaches and annual Morienes Festival.

Dive Phuket  Dive
There are a few resorts than can arrange diving for you in Marinduque. The main tourist areas are Gasan & Torrijos on the coast. To explore the region's more remote sites, a Safari from Puerto Galera may be a good option.

Travel Phuket  Travel
Marinduque has an airport with 4 flights a week to Manila with Zest Air. It can also be reached by ferry from Lucena in southern Luzon. Bus tickets including the ferry ride can be bought in Manila.

Stay Phuket  Stay
Most visitors head to Gasan or Torrijos on the coast, where there are a few mid-range resorts. It is also possible to find accommodation in Boac or Santa Cruz, the island's largest towns.

Do Phuket  Do
Trips to the Tres Reyes islands are a popular passtime in Marinduque. The area also has excellent local craft markets where you can find a bargain, plus caves to explore and hot springs to relax in. In April, the Moriones Festival is held here. The festival is an exuberant event celebrating one of Jesus' miracles, that is unique to Marinduque.

Dive Map Puerto GaleraDirectory Find Dive Centres & Resorts in Puerto Galera

Originally a safe harbour for ships, Puerto Galera is now one of the Philippines' most famous & visited tourist areas, due to its lovely beaches and easy accessibility.

Dive Phuket  Dive
It is also one of the most famous diving areas, with many dive shops catering for beginners & experienced divers alike. Day trips are made to the many sites around Puerto Galera, including Verde Island. Safaris can be organised to Apo Reef to the west and occasionally further afield, such as Marinduque.

Travel Phuket  Travel
To reach Puerto Galera take a flight to Manila, the Philippines capital. From there, head south through Luzon, either by car or bus to Batangas Pier. From here, you can take a car ferry or speedboat to Puerto Galera.

Stay Phuket  Stay
There is probably more choice of places to stay around Puerto Galera than any other dive spot in the Philippines, with hotels lining the beaches. White Beach has many budget options and Sabang beach is the bustling tourist centre of the region. The other beaches tend to be more relaxed and upmarket. A lot of resorts tend to be quite small with a few cottages on the beach.

Do Phuket  Do
Away from the diving, there is plenty of activities to entertain you including lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, tours, watersports, shopping & even paintball.

Puerto Galera         
Originally a safe harbour during typhoons, Puerto Galera has become one of the Philippines' most popular diving destinations. Around 40 dive sites have now been charted, ranging from easy dives to current-swept drifts for experienced divers looking for a thrill...

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