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Puerto Galera

Dive Map Puerto Galera Verde IslandCoral Gardens Hole in the Wall Shark Cave Monkey WreckSabang, Alma Jane & St Christopher WrecksFish Bowl
Originally a safe harbour during typhoons, Puerto Galera has become one of the Philippines' most popular tourist & diving destinations.

Situated only 150km south of the capital Manila, the curious geography of the area has created not only a perfect natural harbour, but also many picturesque beaches and coves to enjoy.

Under the waves, about 40 dive sites have now been charted, ranging from easy dives for novices to current-swept drift dives for experienced divers looking for a thrill.
Anemonefish Crinoid Wreck & Diver Reefscape Dive Map Puerto Galera
Dive Spots IconDive Spots
Trevally One of the most popular sites is Hole in the Wall. Stepped terraces of beautiful table corals lead down to a swim-though at around 15m, known as The Hole. The entrance to the swim through is covered in soft corals, sponges and colourful crinoids and sweepers gather for protection inside.

Swimming through The Hole brings you out onto The Canyon, a series of three current swept ravines. Here, you will be taken by the current and propelled over the ravines, through schools of Snapper & Trevally, past hunting Tuna and over bustling coral reefs. Whitetip Reef Sharks and Hawksbill Turtles can be seen here too.

If adrenaline is your thing, Fish Bowl & The Washing Machine are also a must. These are most definitely only for experienced divers as the current can take you and your bubbles in almost any direction, but you will be rewarded with prolific fish life and plenty of action. Sharks are common, including Grey Reef Sharks and large Tuna & Barracuda can be seen too. Nearby, Shark Cave is a refuge for Whitetip Reef Sharks taking a snooze. Outside the cave, Barracuda lurk in the blue. From time to time, Hammerheads and even Whalesharks are spotted here.

For novices and those who prefer their diving a little more relaxing, Coral Gardens is an easy, colourful dive that is also popular with snorkellers. Dungon Wall makes a very nice dive, with colourful corals and a profusion of reef-life, while Sabang Junk is a Vietnamese wreck sitting on a coral slope in front of Sabang Beach. Many macro delights call this wreck home, including Frogfish & Pygmy Seahorses.

The are numerous other wrecks in the area too. Monkey Wreck & Japanese Wreck are deep wreck dives for advanced divers, St Christopher is a retired Liveaboard sunk to create an artificial reef and MV Alma Jane sits perpendicular to the sea floor, making an interesting dive with a great swim-through.

Out in the channel between Mindoro & Luzon islands is a small island called Verde Island. There are nice fringing reefs all round the island, but the most popular site is a superb wall dive. Huge corals of every hue & colour cling to the wall and reef-life is prolific. There is a great chance to encounter larger fish here as well. Napoleon Wrasse often cruise the wall, while Tuna & Reef Sharks patrol the blue. Eagle Rays and Mantas can be seen too.

In more exposed locations, currents can be fierce. This helps to create the vibrant healthy reefs, but divers should take care and take the necessary safety precautions at all times.

The weather here falls in two main seasons - the dry season, from November to May and the wet season, from June to October. Diving conditions are generally best between February & May.

  Barracuda Divers Eagle Ray Frogfish
Dive Bases Icon Dive Bases Napolepon Wrasse
One of the reasons for Puerto Galera's popularity as a dive spot is its convenience, both in terms of the area, which is easy to reach and the dive spots, which are all just a short boat journey away.

Dive Centres from other areas of the Philippines rarely visit this area, although it is possible to dive Verde Island, just to the north, from Batangas Bay.
  • Puerto Galera

Dive Map Puerto GaleraDirectory Find Dive Centres in Puerto Galera

Originally a safe harbour for ships, Puerto Galera is now one of the Philippines' most famous & visited tourist areas, due to its lovely beaches and easy accessibility.

Dive Phuket  Dive
It is also one of the most famous diving areas, with many dive shops catering for beginners & experienced divers alike. Day trips are made to the many sites around Puerto Galera, including Verde Island. Safaris can be organised to Apo Reef to the west and occasionally further afield, such as Marinduque.

Stay Phuket  Stay
There is probably more choice of places to stay around Puerto Galera than any other dive spot in the Philippines, with hotels lining the beaches. White Beach has many budget options and Sabang beach is the bustling tourist centre of the region. The other beaches tend to be more relaxed and upmarket. A lot of resorts tend to be quite small with a few cottages on the beach.

Travel Phuket  Travel
To reach Puerto Galera take a flight to Manila, the Philippines capital. From there, head south through Luzon, either by car or bus to Batangas Pier. From here, you can take a car ferry or speedboat to Puerto Galera.

Do Phuket  Do
Away from the diving, there is plenty of activities to entertain you including lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, tours, watersports, shopping & even paintball.

The volcanic, heart-shaped island of Marinduque sits in the Tablas Strait, between Luzon to the north & Mindoro to the south. The region is thought to have outstanding diving, although the dive industry here is truly in its infancy... Those that have visited the area return with tales of beautiful reefs, Hammerheads Sharks, Dolphins and Pirate Shipwrecks...

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