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Pattaya offers a somewhat different diving experience to other destinations in Thailand. Located close to Bangkok, it is significantly more built-up than any other destination, with a bustling night-life & plenty of topside activities.

While not offering the quality of diving of some of Thailand's more remote locations, it is an extremely convenient dive spot with plenty of established dive shops & facilities for divers.

It is a popular place to learn to dive, but underwater, the main attraction is its wrecks.
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Wreck with Diver The two most famous wrecks are the Hardeep & the Bremen. The Hardeep, an Indonesian freighter that went down in 1942, is probably the better dive as the wreck is in much better shape & penetration is possible. The Bremen is a 300 foot long wreck that provides a refuge to large schools of Snapper & Barracuda.

To provide a little variety to wreck diving, there are also some other dive sites in the area. The pick of the bunch is possibly Ko Rin, with its boulders, swim-throughs & healthy marine life. Closer to Pattaya, Ka Krok, Ko Chuang & Ko Samaesan have nice corals and reef-fish.

The dive sites around Pattaya, with the possible exception of Ko Rin, do not have the visibility of other dive spots in Thailand and some sites get strong currents, but for those looking for a combination of wreck-diving and coral diving, with plenty to do away from the reefs, it makes for an interesting option.

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Just a stone's throw from Bangkok, there are few more convenient places to dive in Thailand than Pattaya. It may also be possible to make dive trips from Bangkok, but it is more usual to arrange all your diving once in Pattaya.

The area also escapes the worst effects on the monsoon, meaning it is possible to dive here all year round. The best conditions are normally between May & August.

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Dive Map PattayaDirectory Find Dive Centres in Pattaya

Pattaya is the closest place to Bangkok offering diving, just 145km away. It is a thriving tourist mecca that is more akin to the hustle & bustle of Bangkok than the image of deserted, palm fringed tropical beaches.

Dive Phuket  Dive
Dive facilities are good, with numerous dive shops in the area. It is a popular place to learn to dive and, with a few good wrecks in the area, a popular place to try wreck-diving. There are also many options for professionals looking to become instructors. All of the dive sites around Pattaya can be reached by way of day trips.

Stay Phuket  Stay
Pattaya receives a huge volume of tourists and has a huge number of accommodation options, but not necessarily a huge variety. Most accommodation is budget to mid-range hotels and apartments, often in built up areas. Hat Jomtien, to the south, has more luxury options.

Travel Phuket  Travel
Pattaya has an airport with connecting flights to Bangkok, Phuket & Ko Samui. It is also only a short bus ride from Bangkok, 145km away and is linked by rail to the capital. There is also a regional airport in Pattaya.

Do Phuket  Do
One major plus of Pattaya is its range of activities. Watersports are hugely popular, there are also golf courses & go karting tracks, plus no shortage of places to eat and drink.

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